What Japanese Singles Think About Dating Foreigners

With the rise of international travel, more and more people from different countries are meeting and forming relationships with each other. But what do Japanese singles think about dating foreigners? To get to the bottom of this question, we’ve asked a few Japanese people to share their thoughts on the matter.

Japanese single woman
One Japanese woman in her twenties shared that she found it both exciting and intimidating to date someone from a different culture. She explained that there was an element of mystery and unfamiliarity that added to the appeal, but also made her anxious about whether or not she would be able to understand them. She said that as long as she kept an open mind and was willing to learn from her partner, then she felt like it could be a rewarding experience.

Another single in his thirties expressed his excitement at being able to learn about another culture through a relationship. He said it was interesting to see how different cultures viewed things like family dynamics and values. He also mentioned that he enjoyed seeing how his partner experienced Japan compared to himself, as a native.

Finally, one young man said that he believes dating someone from another country can bring out qualities in yourself you didn’t know were there. He explained that he had learned so much about himself while dating someone from outside of Japan, because they challenged him in ways he hadn’t expected. He said it made him realize how much potential he had within himself – something he never would have discovered had he only dated other Japanese people.


All three individuals expressed positive feelings towards dating foreigners, citing their own personal growth experiences as well as opportunities for cultural exchange as reasons why they liked it so much. While there may be some cultural differences between two people from different countries, these differences can often be seen as opportunities for learning rather than obstacles in communication or understanding. Ultimately, with enough patience and understanding on both sides, dating foreign partners can be an enriching experience for all involved!