General Development Tools

Development and Programming
acslX ("modeling and simulation of dynamic systems and processes")AEgis Technologies
AMP - Agent Modeling PlatformEclipse Foundation
AnalyticaLumina Decision Systems
ANSYS CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)ANSYS
ANSYS Fluent ("Flow Modeling Simulation Software")ANSYS
AnyLogic ("simulation tool that supports Discrete Event, Agent Based, and System Dynamics Simulation")AnyLogic Company
ARES Commander EditionGraebert GmbH
Ascape ("developing and exploring general-purpose agent-based models")Ascape development team
behaviorsearch ("Adaptive search and exploration of agent-based model parameters")behaviorsearch development team
Behaviour Composer Modelling4All project and University of Oxford
BENSOLVE ("MATLAB implementation of Benson's algorithm")M.L.-U. Halle-Wittenberg, Germany (Andreas Lohne)
Berkeley Madonna ("modeling and analysis of dynamic systems")UC Berkeley
Bio-PEPA WorkbenchBio-PEPA development team
Breve ("build 3D simulations of multi-agent systems and artificial life")Jon Klein
C++C++ development team
Cassandra database ("open source distributed database management system")Apache Cassandra development team and The Apache Software Foundation
DEVS-SuiteDEVS-Suite development team
Discrete Dynamics Lab ("Tools for researching Cellular Automata, Random Boolean Networks, multi-value Discrete Dynamical Networks, and beyond")DDLab development team
EcolegoSwedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
EntoramaBranimir Cace
exaptiveExaptive, Inc.
Fast Numerical Algorithms for Stiff Reaction-Diffusion EquationsUniversity of California, Irvine
FileMakerFilemaker, Inc
FLAME - Flexible Large-scale Agent-based Modeling EnvironmentSoftware Engineering Group, CSED, STFC
FortranFree Software Foundation, Inc
GAMAIRD/UPMC International Research Unit, UMMISCO
geppetto ("a web-based [...] simulation platform [...] to support the simulation of complex biological systems and their surrounding environment")geppetto development team
Hadoop ("open-source software for [...] scalable, distributed computing")The Apache Software Foundation
Hive ("data warehouse software")Apache Hive development team and The Apache Software Foundation
HLM - Hierarchical Linear and Nonlinear ModelingScientific Software International, Inc.
Hypertable ("open source database system")Hypertable Inc.
IBM SPSS StatisticsSPSS Inc. and IBM
isee NetSim (Web-based Simulation Sharing for STELLA and iThink models)isee Systems, Inc.
JasonJason development team
JILDT - Jason Induction of Logical Decison TreesJILDT development team
J-MADeM - Multi-modal Agent Decision Making (library integrated into Jason)MADeM development team
JsimPhysiome Project, University of Washington
JSoarSoar Technology, Inc. and Dave Ray
KNIME - Konstanz Information MinerKNIME development team
LISREL ("for structural equation modeling")Scientific Software International, Inc.
LSD ("platform for the development, use and distribution of simulations")Laboratory for Simulation Development
Lucene ("text search engine library")Apache Software Foundation
MADARA - Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Resource Allocationmadara development team
MariaDBMariaDB Foundation
MASON - Multi-Agent Simulator Of NeighborhoodsGMU Evolutionary Computation Laboratory and GMU Center for Social Complexity
MASS - Multi-Agent Simulation SuiteAITIA International Inc
MASyV - Multi-Agent System VisualizationMASyV development team
MathematicaWolfram Research
MATLABThe Mathworks, Inc.
MetaSD ("A system dynamics model archive")MetaSD development team
Mimosa ("modeling and simulation platform")Mimosa development team and Cirad
MinitabMinitab Inc.
Mobidyc - MOdelling Based on Individuals for the DYnamics of CommunitiesMobidyc development team
Model BuilderFlavio Coelho
ModelMakerThe University of Nottingham and FamilyGenetix
ModelMaker ToolsModelMaker Tools
Modgen - Model generatorStatistics Canada
MonetDB ("open source column-oriented database management system")MonetDB development team
MongoDB ("open-source document database, and [...] NoSQL database")MongoDB, Inc.
NetLogoUri Wilensky, Center for Connected Learning
NetworkFluxus Technology Ltd.
Objective CApple
OctaveJohn W. Eaton
OpenModelThe University of Nottingham
OriginOriginLab Corporation
OriginProOriginLab Corporation
PajekBatagelj et al., University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pandora ("HPC Agent-Based Modelling framework")Barcelona Supercomputing Center
PerlPerl development team
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL Global Development Group
Ps-iLustick Consulting
PyDSToolRobert Clewley, GSU
PythonPython Software Foundation
R packageR package development team
Rational RoseIBM
RepastArgonne National Laboratory
RubyRuby development team (Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto)
SAS - Statistical Analysis System SAS Institute Inc.
SAS-EM - SAS Enterprise MinerSAS Institute Inc.
SAS-SDS - SAS Scientific Discovery SolutionsSAS Institute Inc.
Scilab ("software for numerical computation")Scilab Enterprises, former Scilab Consortium and Scilab contributors
SCoP - Simulation Control ProgramSimulation Resources Inc
SeSAm - Shell for Simulated Agent SystemsSeSAm development team
Simul8Simul8 Corp
SimulinkThe Mathworks, Inc.
SOARS - Spot Oriented Agent Role SimulatorSOARS Project and Deguchi Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology
SPADE - Smart Python multi-Agent Development EnvironmentSPADE development team
SPARK - Simple Platform for Agent-based Representation of KnowledgeSPARK development team
Spark ("engine for large-scale data processing")The Apache Software Foundation
Spotfire Decision Site SoftwareTIBCO Spotfire
Spotfire S-PlusTIBCO Spotfire
StarLogo/ OpenStarLogoMIT
Statistica (with Data and Text Miner)StatSoft
STELLAisee systems
StellaRStellaR development team
SugarscapeSugarscape development team
SwarmSwarm Development Group
SYSTATSystat Software, Inc.
TerraMETerraME Develppment Team, Federal University of Ouro Preto
TitaniumAppcelerator Inc
trex2-agent ("A formal framework for situated agent deliberation and execution")trex2-agent development team
Visual StudioMicrosoft
WinSAAMUniversity of Pennsylvania
Wolfram SystemModelerWolfram Research
Data Visualization
ArcGIS (geographical information system mapping and visualization)Esri
Arcv2CADGuthrie CAD/GIS Software Pty Ltd.
ARES Commander EditionGraebert GmbH
Artboard ("vector-based drawing software" for Mac OS X)Mapdiva, LLC
BioLayout Express3D ("visualization and analysis of network graphs")BioLayout Express3D Team
Boxshade ("program for creating good looking printouts from multiple-aligned [...] sequences")Boxshade Development Team
CAD ViewerTailor Made Software
CAD2ShapeGuthrie CAD/GIS Software Pty Ltd.
CartoDBVizzuality team
ChemPoint ("Environmental Data Management System")Starpoint Software Inc.
CytoscapeCytoscape Consortium and Institut Pasteur
DeltaGraph ("combines [...] statistical tools with [...] data visualization capabilities")Red Rock Software, Inc.
Didger ("geoprocessing and data conversion tool")Golden Software Inc.
DIVA-GIS ("mapping and geographic data analysis")DIVA-GIS development team
Downhole Explorer ("drillhole presentation and plotting program")Downhole Explorer development team
Encom Discover ("desktop Geographical Information System")Encom and Pitney Bowes
E-Net ("software for analyzing ego network data")Analytic Technologies
EVS Pro - Environmental Visualization System Pro - 3D MappingC Tech
GEON Integrated Data ViewerUNAVCO
Google Earth Pro ("3D interactive globe that can be used to aid planning, analysis and decision making")Google
Google Map Maker ("allows [...] to add and update geographic information for [...] users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth")Google
Grapher - "Graphing software"Golden Software Inc.
GraphPad PrismGraphPad Software, Inc.
Graphviz ("Graph Visualization Software")Graphviz Development Team
Gwyddion ("a modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualization and analysis")Gwyddion development team
ImageJImageJ development team
IPython - Shell interface for interactive computing in multiple programming languagesIPython development team
Java Treeview ("Viewer for Microarray Data in the PCL or CDT format")Stanford University School of Medicine (A. J. Saldanha) and Java Treeview development team
Krackplot ("Network visualization")Analytic Technologies
MapBoxMapBox team
MapInfo Professional ("desktop mapping application")MapInfo and Pitney Bowes
MapInfo Vertical Mapper ("tool for geospatial data analysis")MapInfo and Pitney Bowes
MapTalesMapTales team
NCAR GraphicsUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
NetDraw ("program for visualizing social network data")Analytic Technologies
OpenGL ("developing portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications")Silicon Graphics International Corp. (SGI) and Khronos Group
OriginOriginLab Corporation
OriginProOriginLab Corporation
Ortelius (mapping software for Mac OS X)Mapdiva, LLC
ParaViewParaView project team
QGIS (“Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information”)QGIS development team
RExcel (Excel add-in to use R from Microsoft Excel)RExcel development team
SigmaPlotSystat Software Inc.
SigmaStatSystat Software Inc.
SoundcitiesStanza team
TableauTableau Software
TecplotTecplot Inc
Visio stencils for UML and SysMLSoftware Stencils development team (P. Hruby)
WellCAD (combines "display, editing and analysis capabilities for well data")Advanced Logic Technology
WhiteStar dataWhiteStar Corporation
Worldmapper ("collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest")Worldmapper Team